Westernasset.pro vs Sumorobo: The Battle Of The Roulette Assistance Software

With the invention of the Internet, many areas of the world changed, some for the better and some worse. Gambling is one of those areas – the industry that provided entertainment for people worldwide for centuries boarded the online hype train! 

In 2020, more people play in online casinos than in land casinos – and it’s predicted that this trend will only grow.

Although online gambling venues offer many games, roulette’s fast-paced nature makes it the king of online casino games. The game has seen several changes and variations in its rich history, but the feeling of sophistication, class, and elegance it gives to players is still unmatched.

Rapid technological advancements introduced roulette assisting software, which are designed to improve players’ chances of winning. Today we’ll be discussing such software, and additionally, we’ll be having a closer look at two popular choices, so stick around because things are about to get very interesting!

What’s Roulette Assistance Software?

If you Google ‘How to beat roulette,’ you’ll come across hundreds of strategies on how to win in the game. In reality, though, most of these strategies don’t work, and you’ll probably just waste your time. Considering that these days millions of players spin the roulette wheel online, numerous developers have tried to use well-known strategies and make a software that will help you win in roulette.

The competition among roulette assisting software is fierce, but not all of them work as advertised and have the same features.

It’s crucial for players to know what each software offers and if it works as advertised, so I’ve put two of the most popular options to test and compared how they work, what they offer, and will they help you make big winnings on the roulette table.

Read my complete Westernasset.pro software vs Sumorobo test below.

Westernasset.pro vs Sumorobo: Design & Features

Although both Westernasset.pro and Sumorobo are designed to assist players while on a roulette table, they work on different strategies and have various features. I’ve put them to the test, and this is my head-to-head comparison on the software.


Westernasset.pro is a roulette assistance software that’s based on an improved version of the Martingale strategy. It’s powered by an algorithm that promises profit if you follow the instructions. It is a community-based tool that works by calculating the odds based on the data provided by fellow software users.

Players ‘feed’ the software by entering the correct outcome of their last bet, and the software makes calculations for the result of the next round. It tells users where and how much to bet, and the user must provide the correct information for the software to work. 

The design of the website is simplistic and modern. Registration on Westernasset is effortless, and everything players need to provide is necessary information such as an email address and a password. 

Though the software design is not as ‘modern’ looking, it’s very straightforward. It works as an overlay window in your browser, and it only has two buttons, ‘I won’ and ‘I lost.’ Based on the outcome of your last round, you choose the correct option. The software then tells you where to put the next wager based on its calculations.


Sumorobo, on the other hand, is a roulette assistant software that features an automated bot that bets for you.  The software’s website claims that the software will help you make big winnings in just a few days. Sumorobo software is free to use, but although it claims that you can use it in any casino of your choice, it will initially take you at one of their online casinos. This is how the developers earn – by luring players to gamble on their own tables.

This software uses the Martingale strategy and puts bets automatically. For example, if you deposit $500 and start with $1 bets, the software will automatically bet until you press ‘Stop.’ Otherwise, it will lose all your money in a matter of hours.

The design of the software is very old-fashioned, and it looks like it comes from the 1990s. However, that makes it straightforward and easy-to-use – which is a plus. On the other hand, the website looks like a giant pop-up ad, and there are no clear instructions on where to download the tool and how to use it – you have to figure it out yourself.

Westernasset.pro vs Sumorobo: Do They Work?

The most crucial question when reviewing roulette assisting software is: Does it work?

I’ve conducted a Westernasset test and a Sumorobo test, and I’ve had mixed results. While both software promise winnings on the roulette table, there are some keynotes to be taken.

Sumorobo promises big winnings quickly – but fails to provide. The software doesn’t work as advertised, and it will bet automatically until you lose all your money. I strongly advise against using software that bets automatically – you should always be in charge of your bankroll!

Westernasset, on the other hand, doesn’t promise instant winnings but instructs players to take it slow and steady. The software is a community-based platform, which means that the software learns from the community. As long as users provide accurate information about their rounds’ outcome, the software’s algorithm will provide accurate predictions.

Besides that, the software uses RND analysis and bankroll management so users can have a clear picture of how much they’ve deposited and how much they’ve won. 

Final Verdict: Which Software Wins?

There are many options when choosing a roulette assisting software, and Westernasset and Sumorobo are just a few of the possibilities. One of the two competitors has a clear advantage over the other one, and there’s a clear winner in this test.

While both software are free and are based on the Martingale strategy, Westernasset uses a much-improved version of the strategy. Sumorobo uses a system that is doomed to fail, and an automated betting bot that only makes things worse.

Is Sumorobo scam? If you consider all things, the software is a scam because it doesn’t deliver what it promises, and is a waste of time and money.

Westernasset.pro, however, is a community-based platform that doesn’t promise what it can’t achieve. The software works as advertised – if you stick to the instructions.

Appreciatively, there’s a six-step training course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to use the software and how to make your first winnings. Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight, though. As long as fellow Westernasset users provide the correct data, the software has the potential to make you profit. 

All things considered, Westernasset is the clear winner in this comparison in this test. 

Sumorobo is a fraud software that makes big promises, but it will only lose your money and disappoint you. In comparison, Westernasset’s instructions are crystal clear, it doesn’t promise unreal numbers, and can make you profit – as long as you have patience!

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  1. f-ing sumorobo is a massive scam!!!!!! avoid at all cost!!
    For Western Asset Pro, I think that it works, at least that’s what everyone says

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