Westernasset.pro – Roulette Assistance Software Honest Review

Online roulette is more popular than ever, and millions of gamblers have transferred from the dimmed lights and laud slots in land casinos to a peaceful and private game from the comfort of their homes.

With the rise of online roulettes’ popularity, various developers have created roulette assisting software that can predict where the ball will land.

Although competition is healthy and offers players multiple options to choose from, I always advise players to be careful with these software. Not all of the programs are legit, and some are even complete scams that will take your money.

Moreover, most of them don’t work as advertised, so it’s hard to navigate through all the dross and find a solution that will take your game to the next level and increase your chances of winning.

Today I’m going to review Westernasset.pro – a promising roulette assisting software. I will guide you through all the features of the program and see if it works as advertised.

Westernasset.pro – What Is It?

Westernasset.pro is a roulette assisting software that promises to improve your chances while playing on a roulette table if you follow the instructions.

The software is created to help players make winnings in roulette by predicting the next round’s outcome. It features an algorithm that makes complex calculations based on the data entered by other Westernasset users.

Registration on this software is effortless. The design of the website is up-to-date, and it looks fresh. The layout is clear, and registration doesn’t take more than a few minutes. To add to that, you only need to provide an email address and a password to register.

Once you’ve registered, you will be asked to complete a simple six-step training course that will teach you how to use the software. The website says that you’ll receive a cash reward for each step of the training you complete. However, keep in mind that you’ll only receive the cash reward once you make the first withdrawal, and not when you complete the training.

Although the training course is thorough and you will learn about all the features of the software and how to use it, it takes around five hours to complete. You can’t start using the software on a roulette table before you finish the training, so take your time and don’t rush.

How Does Westernasset.pro Work?

This software uses the Martingale strategy to predict the outcome of the next spin. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

According to the developers, the software features a powerful algorithm that can make calculations based on your previous rounds’ outcome. The software is community-based, which means that it gathers data from all the users’ input and makes its calculations based on the information provided by every user, not just yourself. The goal is to succeed as a community, and each player must give the correct information for the software to work.

Westernasset also includes a bankroll management system and RNG analysis, which will further increase the chances of making a profit. What makes this software different from many of its competitors is that it doesn’t feature an automated betting bot. Instead of placing the bets for you, it only hints you on where and how much to bet, but it’s up to you to place the bet.

Even though some people may see this as a con, I firmly believe that this is a pro. I  strongly against roulette assisting software that takes total wagering control because it can lose all your deposit without you being aware of it.

The software works as an overlay window while you’re playing on a roulette table. All you need to do is enter the outcome from your last hand. For example, if you’ve won, you press ‘I Won,’ and the session ends. If you lost, press ‘I Lost,’ and the session continues until you win!

What Makes Westernasset.pro Stand Out?

The competition among roulette assisting software is fierce, so developers need to implement unique features to stand out from the crowd.

What makes Westernasset.pro unique is its algorithm that works better than any other algorithm I’ve come across. The algorithm is based on the community’s input, so the more players join the community, the better it gets – improving the chances of winning for every user!

From the moment I started this Westernasset review, I noticed that the software is based on a variety of the Martingale strategy. It works by multiplying the bets every time you lose, and each session ends after you make a profit. Although this strategy has been proven to work, the stakes can sometimes get too pricey if you get stuck in a losing streak. 

That is why it’s crucial to look for an online casino with high table limits as well as broad straight bets. Our suggestion is Magicazz – arguably the best place for roulette players with a betting plan. They don’t have any strategy restrictions, so you’re free to play without limitations and they have unbelievable high table limits which makes it a perfect match for the martingale strategy. 

The Martingale strategy is a technique that offers high chances of winnings, and as long as you remain patient and trust the system, you’re going to stay in the green!

Here is an overview of the different existing strategies and its pros and cons.

Westernasset.pro – Final Thoughts

Following my Westernasset.pro test, I’ve concluded that it’s a rare gem in the roulette assistance software world. Although it’s not perfect, this is one of the few programs designed to help you win in roulette that is not a scam and actually has the potential to make you money.

Will it make you a millionaire overnight? 

Most certainly not. The whole idea behind the software is to be patient, take things slow, and earn with the community. Don’t expect massive earnings in the first few weeks. Be patient and gradually progress towards larger bets, which essentially will increase your profit. Also, don’t forget to provide the correct information to the software so you wouldn’t disrupt the algorithm, for yourself and everyone else. 

Would I recommend this software? 

Given that the software is initially free to use, I would advise fellow roulette players to take it for a spin. Regardless if they have never played roulette in their life or they’re roulette professionals, this software can be a useful tool that will take your game to the next level.

Rating: 4.5/5

35 Replies to “Westernasset.pro – Roulette Assistance Software Honest Review

  1. I like that the software tells you exactly where to bet and how much. It makes it very handy and so far no complaints – it works

  2. Till now what can I say about westernasset is that It will not generate the promised 48€ per hour but I get an average of 22€

  3. Thank you for your review!!!!!!! I was ready to invest €200 and try it out myself, and you encouraged me to do it! I’ll start today and I’ll update you guys on how it’s going

  4. Is this a new roulette software? Most of the roulette software doesn’t work, but I have to try this one to check out if it will help me

  5. I like this. It’s hard to trust something like this when there are many scams out there, but it seems like this platform is a refreshing innovation that might actually work. I’ve seen your other reviews, keep up the good work!

  6. hmmmmmmm roulette assisting softre.. year right. Has anyone actually tried this and tell me if it really predicts something?

  7. I’ve been a member of Westernasset pro for 2 months now and I can confirm that the platform works and I’ve already made my first withdrawal of 900 euros!!

  8. thanks for your review, it was very helpful! like most people here, I haven’t tried the platform, but I’m willing to invest if you say that it works and it’s not a scam. What do you think, what’s the best starting point so I know where to start, and how much should I expect to earn in the following days/months?

  9. Guys, i’m so lucky that i found this platform!!! i started with just 100€ and I managed to get to 1000€ without any redeposits or anything bad. The software worked perfectly for me, and I withdraw 500€ a week ago. I left the remaining 500€ in my account to keep playing, and I’m already at 900€ again. Next time I think I’ll go to 2000€ in my balance and withdraw 1000€ and keep playing with the remaining 1000€. You pay the commission after you make your withdrawal, so it doesn’t cost you anything to try

  10. As a registered user on Western Asset Pro, i know exactly how they work. The software is programmed to work on the martingale strategy, but it doesn’t just increase your bet amount if you get hit by a long session, but it calculates your win/loss probability. I guarantee you, if you don’t missclick, you will always finish in profit

  11. I think this review nails what the platform is all about. I see some people questioning the legitimacy, but I honestly think there’s nothing to worry about. I already withdrew more than 3000eu in less than 3 months and I’m more than happy with the team behind westernasset

  12. Honest reviews are the best way to find if something works or not. Judging by your review, this platform works as advertised. Hmmm I’ll confirm that when I see it for myself, but think it sounds promising

  13. according to my friends, you can get from 500€ to 2000€ in less then 2 weeks if you use the software correctly. I don’t know if 500€ is the best start or maybe more (or less), but I would like to try the method myself

  14. I think this platform works exactly as advertised. The biggest mistake you can make is expect to win thousands in just a few days. It just doesn’t work that way – you have to be patient and take things slow, so you won’t be disappointed

  15. This software has big potential to help you make some big buck. Some of my friends have tried it and they’re pleased so far, so I don’t think it’s a scam.

  16. according to you and other reviews, the active income method is better than the passive method or? Because I see this platform offers different solutions, not just one

  17. Guys how much do you think I should withdraw and how much should I leave in my account for playing? I’m already at 1500€ and I don’t know whats better now, to withdraw or keep playing because its easier with more money

  18. I believe this is a great way to make some extra cash during the holidays. I’ve tried the platform and it won’t take you more than 1-2 hours a day to make some cash, but it all depends on you

  19. This platform looks good, but I haven’t tried it yet.. some people say you should start easy with just a couple hundred euros, while some suggest it’s better to invest more from the start and make your way easier…

  20. Following the advice of many review sites I invested 100 euro and I got to 200 euro quickly, but I haven’t logged on to the platform for a few days. My goal is to reach 500 euro and withdraw once then see how it goes

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