My journey from 100€ to 300€ using – Complete Test

As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across an ad about Westernasset – a community earning platform that promises to generate stable income.

‘Haha, they must be joking’ – I thought to myself. ‘This must be some kind of a scam’. 

However, after I checked out the website and other reviews, I noticed that many users were very happy with the platform. Some have even reported winnings in thousands of euros. Working from home, I was bored so I decided to register on the website and give it a try.

I completed the training course, and I figured out how everything works in the demo version. The platform itself doesn’t cost a dime to try it out – even for real money. Users pay their commission after they withdraw their winnings, so there’s nothing to lose.

I was tempted to see if the platform will help me generate profit – as advertised, but I didn’t want to risk a lot of money. Also, I wanted to test it for everyone on the internet and check if it’s legit or not, so I decided to invest 100€.

I started my journey with a 100€ investment, and my goal is to get to 300€ – or triple my investment. We’ll see if I’ll be able to do it, and how long will it take. I’ll be recording every step of the journey, so wish me luck – and let’s get started! If you want to skip the journey you can find my conclusion here


#Session 1 to 20

These are my first sessions using the Westernasset software. So far – so good. The software is very easy to use, and all the player should do is follow the instructions. Every session must end with a profit, and the longest session lasted for 8 minutes. I must have misclicked at some point because I have a profit of 24€.

#Session 20 to 40

Following my initial success, I continued spinning the wheel following the software’s instructions. Most of the sessions from 20 to 40 were quick, and I had no bigger problems. My profit is now 42€, and the current balance is 142€. 

#Session 40 to 60

Day 2, and I’m already at 62€ in profit. I just completed 60 sessions using the software, and I hadn’t had any issues so far. The longest session lasted for 15 rounds, but I managed to come back and end the session with a profit. So far – so good. Let’s see where this journey will take me.

#Session 60 to 80

Day 3, and I’ve completed 20 more successful sessions. Although there were some ups and downs, lady luck was on my side and everything was going smooth. There were some longer sessions, but I managed to complete them all successfully and I’m currently at 180€ balance, out of which 80€ in profit!

#Session 80 to 100

Day 4 – I completed 100 sessions! There were no long sessions, except for some minor hiccups here and there, and my current balance is 200€ – out of which 100€ in profit. I’ve been playing for no more than an hour a day, so let’s see where this goes.

#Session 100 to 120

Day 5. Same old – same old. 20 successful sessions mean 20€ in profit! Everything goes according to plan, and I’m currently at 220€ bankroll, out of which 120€ in profit.

#Session 120 to 140

Day 6 – Sessions 120-140 went all smooth, and there were no major problems. Most of the questions last for a few seconds, and on a rare occasion it can prolong to a few minutes. Already at 240€ in my balance, which means I’ve earned 140€!

#Session 140 to 160

Day 7 – I had only half an hour to play, but I managed to complete 20 successful sessions. No problems at all, and I finished the day with another 20€ in profit.

#Session 160 to 180

Day 8 – This wasn’t an easy day like the rest of my journey. First, I had some problems with the software or the game, and at one point it got stuck. I thought that I lost my bet and that I’ll need to restart my browser, but after a minute the session continued and I finished it with a profit. However, session 174 was a really long one. The session lasted for more than 10 minutes, and I had many ups and downs. At one point, my bankroll dropped down to just 20€. Luckily, I managed to come back, and completed the session as usual.

#Session 180 to 200

Day 9 – The last 20 sessions went fast and easy, just like most of the others. I completed my journey and my final balance is 300€, out of which 200€ in profit


Judging from my own experience using the community earning platform, I believe that it’s a legit platform that can help you generate stable income. However, you have to be patient and work slowly to achieve success. Do not expect to get rich overnight!

29 Replies to “My journey from 100€ to 300€ using – Complete Test

  1. Great review, thank you! my husband signed up to the platform, but he didn’t know if he should invest or not. After I saw your review I think we can try it too and maybe we’ll get lucky as well ^^ xoxo

  2. I am also using the software for quite a while and it works actually as described. No problems encountered and the Support guy is really nice. I hope the Casinos will not find out so we can continue with this for some years 😀

  3. I was in your position 2 months ago, and i’m very grateful other members helped me choose the right strategy. I started off with 200eu, and i’m already over 1000eu in profit. The platform is the best!

  4. many people talk about so I was looking for a review just as this one! the platform is very popular, and I see many people making profit

  5. So I was on a losing streak and long session, lost my €70 on the table, I reset my session to get back to starting mode, will it affect any possibility to win in the next games?

  6. Any westernasset members here? How do you pay the commission after you make a profit? Have any of you paid your commission?

  7. Great! This is exactly what happened to me too. I started my journey with Western Asset Pro with 300€ investment, and I progressed to 600€ very quickly. However, I had one really long session where I lost all my money and I had to redeposit. I was wondering if I should do it or just count my losses, especially because I didn’t know much about this platform. I redeposited and I managed to come through just barely. Phew. The long sessions are scary, especially when you think that you only win 1€ in the end, but still, I think the platform has the potential if you’re not rushing and play it safe. Reviews like this one most certainly help, so keep up the good work!!

  8. Actually you can make much more than just 200€ in a week… this guy took it too slow in my opinion. I went from 300€ to 3000€ in just 2 weeks, and that’s with playing no more than 1 hour a day.

  9. Judging by your and other reviews, I think this platform is just what I needed. I’ve tried other software that “assists” in roulette but all they do is scam you and take your money. Westernasset Pro seems different, and I’ll try it today

  10. this is almost exactly what happened to me too. I started low, with only 100eu, and even though some long sessions hit me, I managed to get to 400eu no problem!!

  11. As I was reading your notes, I noticed that you had problems with the software at some point. I’ve been trying to use it on Chrome for some time, but it just wouldn’t load or it showed me black screen. I was advised to delete the cookies or try another browser. I tried it with Mozilla, and it now works perfectly

  12. I saw this post and I think you could make much much more.. you’re way too slow 😀 next time play faster, you’ll double the profit you make in an hour. I completed more than 50 sessions per hour, so its easy to do it

  13. Thanks for your comprehensive explanation of how this software works. I thought that this is some kind of a scam at first, but now I see that it’s actually legit

  14. Hello everyone. I withdraw my first 2000€ recently but now I don’t know what to do with the taxes in my country. Would someone advise me what’s the best option ?

  15. Hi i started also with 100€ and I reached 1000€ much faster than you, so I think you wasted a lot of time.. but you know – everyone plays at their own pace

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