Sumorobo Roulette Assistant Review – A Big No-No

The first form of a game similar to roulette was invented in France in the 18th century. Since then, people have been looking for different strategies, systems, and loopholes to ‘crack the code’ and make big winnings. Dozens of strategies and systems have been invented and tested out by players throughout the years, and while some of them are still used today, others have been left in the past, simply because they don’t work.

With the rise of the internet, a large portion of players have turned from playing in a physical casino to spinning the wheel in an online casino. With this, a new form of roulette strategy system was born – roulette assistance software. 

These programs first appeared on the market over a decade ago, and they claim that they will help you make big winnings while playing in an online casino by predicting the outcome of the next spin. Not all of them work as advertised, though, and players are often not aware of it until it’s too late.

Today I’ll review a roulette assistance software that claims big winnings and comes in the form of an application – Sumorobo. Check out my complete and thorough Sumorobo review below and see if it’s a scam or it’s a legit tool.

Sumorobo Software – What Is It?

Sumorobo is a roulette assisting software that claims to make you money on the internet for free and very easy. It’s an application that can be used while playing roulette in a web browser, and it uses a variation of the Martingale strategy but places your bets on autopilot. The software is often promoted via pop-up windows on websites that are not related to online gambling and advertise it as a ‘free to use’ way to make you big bucks.

When you first open the Sumorobo website, it says that ‘you’re in the right place if you want to beat roulette,’ and it claims that more than 800,000 people have used it and have won over $2.5 million. Is this true? After testing the program for a week, I highly doubt it.

SumoRobo’s application is free to download, and the website claims that the reason for this is because they rely on the donations of winners that have made a lot of money. Despite the fact the website was created in 2010, there’s a sign that over $53,000 has been donated to the software since May 2009, located next to the PayPal donation button on the bottom of the website. This is the first red flag!

What Strategy Does It Use?

The Sumorobo website claims that it’s programmed to use a so-called ‘bulletproof optimal strategy’ that doesn’t make ‘any betting errors’ and is programmed to ‘beat the roulette’ – this is the second red flag. After testing the poorly-designed software for a few rounds, I immediately knew that it’s actually programmed to lose your money. 

Sumorobo software also claims that the creators of the program decided to give it out for free because of the ‘technical limits on how much money players are allowed to win.’ Yet, there are no technical limits in any online casino I’ve ever played – the third red flag.

The website features a list of ‘monthly winners,’ but the list hasn’t changed for months, which means it’s fake.

The design of the program is very old, but at least it’s intuitive and straightforward. Once you start the software, the first thing you encounter is a list of ‘tested casinos’ – and this is the scam part. The program claims that you can only win using Sumorobo on these sites, so it tricks players into signing up at sketchy casinos. 

I still decided to give the software a try, and as a professional roulette player, I recognized that it uses the Martingale strategy. However, here comes the worst part: it uses an automated betting system, which means the bot places bets with your money and can lose it all in a matter of hours.

Sumorobo – Scam Check

Following my thorough research and testing of this software, I’ve noticed a pattern that repeats in other roulette assisting software that claims big winnings but fails to provide. The first software that comes to mind is Roulette Bot Plus – a similar software that’s widely known for being a scam. Based on the experiences of users that have tried and used Sumorobo, I can conclude that the software is not what it claims to be. 

No, you can’t beat roulette using Sumorobo! 

Everything in this software aims to get you to sign up at their own casinos, where the automated bot will spend all your money and leave you with nothing.

This software’s only good feature is the design’s intuitiveness, mainly because it looks like it comes from the 1990s. However, I wouldn’t recommend it even to my nemesis. I know what’s a scam – Sumorobo is the definition of it! This is not software designed to make you money but to take your money and lose it all!

Rating: 2/5

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