Roulette Number – Will It Predict The Number?

Online casinos are more popular than ever, and the reason why people like them more than land casinos is apparent: you can play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your home. 

Although new casino games are being released daily, the most attractive casino game is still roulette. Ever since online roulette became popular, people started looking for strategies and theories on how to make significant gains quickly. All the books and old techniques are meant for playing roulette in land casinos, and people want to ‘beat the system’ while playing online. This is how roulette assistant programs were created.

With a wide choice of software that advertises big and almost unreal winnings in roulette, it’s hard to navigate through all the potential scams and see which ones really work.

This is my Roulette Number review, expensive software that promises to help you make impressive winnings while playing roulette. But does it deliver? Check out my full review below to find out.

What’s Roulette Number?

There are a plethora of roulette assisting services on the internet, and Roulette Number software is among the most expensive ones. From the moment you land on the webpage, you realize that it’s been carefully designed to make it look as credible as possible. It advertises that you’ll become a long-time winner at roulette, so I’ve decided to conduct a Roulette Number test and determine if the statement is true. The website claims that while most roulette assistance software generates some winnings short term, the Roulette Number software will provide you long-term success. Additionally, the software developers claim that they’ve used the software for years, and they’ve made it so easy to use that so even novice players can benefit from it.

The program features an automated bot that does all the work and puts bets for you. I usually advise people to be careful with software that places bets for you because the automated bot can lose your deposit very quickly. The website claims that everything players need to know is that there are 37 numbers in a roulette wheel, and the software does everything else automatically.

The website also features a bunch of videos and screenshots showing players withdrawing large amounts of money from online casinos, so my expectations were high. In reality, though, it’s not nearly as good as it looks, and the strategy it uses has been proven to be mostly unsuccessful. 

The Strategy Behind Roulette Number

What makes Roulette Number different from other roulette assistance software is that it bets on a single number at a time. It automatically bets on a progression in 185 consecutive spins, so it advertises that players need to lose an ‘impossible’ 185 times before their deposit is gone. Well, I’ve played roulette for years, and I can tell you that it’s very easy to lose in 185 consecutive spins.

The software bets on a number and doesn’t stop until it wins – or loses all your money. Besides that, it uses a variation of the Martingale strategy and bets more money after each loss. In reality, if you lose 185 times in a row (and the possibility for that to happen is very high), you will lose 500 times more than the original betting amount.

Although the software advertises that you don’t need a huge bankroll to start using it, you need at least $200 in deposit to start things off. Add that to the hefty price of the software itself, and you need around $500 just to start using the program – with no guarantees that you will win anything.

Should You Give Roulette Number A Spin?

Even if there was some chance that you might actually get lucky and make some winnings using this software, things get shady when you consider all the time and money the developers have invested in creating videos that promise unreal earnings. 

I watched the video of the Roulette Number test on their website, and it showed earnings of over $100,000. However, when I tested the software myself, the initial earnings were nowhere near that. In fact, after winning just $2, the software started losing my money, and I lost all my bankroll of $500 in only 2 hours.

I believe the videos featured on the website are completely fake. If there’s one thing certain about assistance software is that if the developers need to create fake videos to make it look ‘credible’ – it’s a scam!

The full version of the software costs $267, which is a hefty price considering that competitors offer much better software for less money or even free. 

Roulette Number is a fraud software that will take your money, lose it all, and you have to pay for it as well!

On the other side, the website’s design is intuitive, and the software can serve as a useful testing tool if you want to try out the strategy. Would I pay $267 for a testing tool, though? Most definitely not!

Rating: 2/5

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