About me

Gambling has been around, in some form or another, for thousands of years.  The internet revolutionized the gambling world to an extent that it now takes a huge part of the entertainment industry, and most gamblers have turned to online casinos.

Not everything is what it seems on the Internet, though, and with so many options to choose from, it’s essential for online casino players to know which offers are legit, and which aren’t. This is where my blog comes to the rescue.

I’ve been around for quite some time, I’ve seen it all, and I know all the details about casino gambling. In addition to that, I’m doing thorough research on new and existing casino sites, games, and revolutionary software. I look for all the perks and features that ‘make or break’ a casino so you can make the right choice when choosing a casino, game, or software.

Tired of being scammed on the internet and see your money disappear? Want to have a clear picture of which online casinos offer what they claim, and where to find the best offers? You’re wondering if a certain online casino or software is legit? 

You’re in the right place!

My Story

My name is Adam Jacobson and I’ve been a professional roulette and poker player for more than a decade. I fell in love with the thrill and excitement of gambling the moment I stepped foot in a casino – and I’ve never looked back! 

I know all the details that matter when choosing a casino, and I’ve decided to share them with the world in this blog and point gamblers in the right direction.

My gambling experience started when I was in my late teenage years. There was a casino in front of the building I lived in, so I would visit it every night after my shift at a bar where I used to bartend finished. 

I had no guidance at the time, so I was all by myself in the casino world. I was a reckless player. I had no strategy, no plan, and my losses kept adding up. I got into debts, and I had to work two jobs to cover my expenses and get back. 

When I finally got to zero, I decided to take a different approach to gambling. I knew that there was nothing that could take me off from roulette and poker, so I started educating myself on different strategies and theories. 

A decade later, I’m a professional roulette and poker player that does it for a living. I enjoy what I do, and I wouldn’t change my profession for anything else. Is a professional roulette and poker player even a job – I hear you ask? 

Since I’ve turned pro, I have a dedicated playing bankroll and I provide for my wife and two children from my stable roulette and poker income. I never go above the bankroll, and my self-assigned ‘no more than 8-hour playtime a day’ policy means I have the much-needed free time to spend with my family.

My motto is ‘Always play smart!’, and I believe the only way you can make money while gambling is if you take your time, educate yourself, and gather all the relevant information you can find.

My goals

The Internet took the world by storm, and the online gambling industry is still in the gray area of legality. What this means for players is that there’s a lot of room for scam sites, bait offers, and unethical companies that try to lure you with their disproportionate (and often not entirely truthful) bonuses.

My mission is to help fellow gamblers know all the facts about an online casino – loud and clear! I provide comprehensive reviews on new and established online casinos based on reliable data, as well as my decades-long experience.

My reviews are based on first-hand tests on casino websites, software, or games, and they’re 100% honest. I’ve created this blog to help the gambling community and inform fellow gamblers about the news in the casino world so they choose what works for them based on real reviews.

No lies, no false advertisement, no unethical offers – know all the facts and make your online gambling experience as enjoyable as ever.